Starting A Virtual Assistant Business – Escape Discrimination

By February 2, 2008 Motivation 2 Comments

I sometimes get emails from people saying that they’re interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant because they’re facing various kinds of discrimination in the workforce. Rest assured, as a Virtual Assistant, you can escape that kind of prejudice and work with clients on your own terms.

I wrote a full article about this topic here:


  • Delita says:

    I believe that your business should be started because this is what you want to do, not because of the discrimination in the workforce. Just my thought on this.

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Delita, good point. I think the principle is called ‘moving away from’ as opposed to ‘moving towards’ motivation. When you’re motivated by something you want to get away from or avoid, such as discrimination, then you’re ‘moving away’ from something, which is a negative form of motivation. Alternatively, when you’re ‘moving towards’ something you want, such as the freedom you get when running your own business, then you’re ‘moving towards’ something, which is a positive form of motivation.

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