How To Become A Virtual Assistant By Using The Law Of Attraction

By December 10, 2008 Mindset, Motivation 16 Comments

The Law Of Attraction is a very popular topic these days. I’ve watched ‘The Secret’ and read self-help books about how to manifest your ideal life. Many people are saying that it takes much more than visualization and ‘wishing’ to create what you want.

Well, of course it does! Without actually ‘doing’ something concrete to fulfil your dreams, you can dream and fantasize all you want, and it won’t happen.

The Law of Attraction is universal and works in any situation. The key is knowing exactly what you want, because unless you know exactly what you want, the universe will not deliver it. If you have unfocused thought, then you will attract unfocused results.

As is true in life, if you are unsure of your destination, then you will simply never get there. You will never reach your goal until it is specific, positive and affirmed in the present tense.

So, what do you want as a Virtual Assistant? What kind of clients do you want to attract, what kind of work do you want to do, what kind of relationship will you have with your clients, how much will you earn? How many billable hours will you work each week? What will it FEEL like sitting in front of your computer, working from home, with a full day ahead of you, exactly how you want it?

If you know what you want, you’ll start to attract those things into your life. Opportunities will present themselves to you, and because you know exactly where you’re going, you’ll know whether a particular opportunity is suitable for you. This is one of the keys to success as a Virtual Assistant.

At first, I didn’t really know what I wanted. I just wanted to work at home with pretty much any client that came along. And so, I found myself with a variety of different clients, and started to get to know the types of industries that I most enjoyed working with. I began to visualize getting more clients like these, being quite specific about it. I took appropriate actions to get those clients and I immediately recognised when suitable ones came along.

It really worked!

You can apply this on a daily basis and make it part of your everyday thought process. Every morning, before you start your day, set your intentions for your Virtual Assistant business – not only for what you want in a month’s time, but what you want for that day. Each day must include specific actions to attain your ideal life.

Once you have these things formulated in your mind, you’ll find it much easier to stay focused in spite of distractions.

This is an excellent way to attract your ideal Virtual Assistant business, by constantly thinking of your grand vision and working towards it.

Consistent thought and action is key. There’s nothing ‘woo-woo’ about this!

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  • Great advice Lisa! Thank you!!!!

  • Marlyn says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I am glad I read this because I find myself wanting to start my virtual assistant business but not sure how to or have given thought to what type of clients I would like to work with.

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Your words of encouragement are always so timely. I am stuck at that crossroad of not quite knowing what I want, but know that I what so desperately to be in control of my own destiny. I have to trust and believe that this business is attainable and just step out on faith.

    Thank you for your encouraging words.


  • Gina Lutgert says:

    Hi Lisa,

    You are so right!! It is not just with regards the “doom and gloom” you talk about and the possible affect it on businesses, but in the way one looks at themselves, their views things, their thoughts and behavour. After I was disabled, I hit such deep depression because I was unable to work, that I found it very hard to think about the next minute never mind the future. My confidence and self esteem were rock bottom, but finding your wesite instilled such a “buzz” of positivity in me that those around me want to know what I had been taking, cause they wanted some too.

    I went from thinking about working from home to finding your website, deciding what I was going to do from home, once that decision was made, I hit the roller coaster. I say that because I can’t believe how fast things are going with regards setting up my business, since last contacting you.

    You have been my rock when I’ve been so low and not knowing where to go or how and what to do. I’m now in the process of designing my website, which is both challenging and frightening since I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m positive I’ll get there as I’ve got this far in a matter of weeks. With the positivity that laces your every words, I haven’t looked back.

    Thanks Lisa you’ve been great.

    Regards Gina

  • Lynne says:

    Thanks Lisa. I, too, have read The Secret and Law of Attraction and both these books fascinated me. Not because they were a great read, but because the content is something that can be applied to everyday life. If you keep in mind that to HAVE what you want, means that you have to BE positive and DO things which take you in that direction, then you are always focussed on what you want to ultimately achieve!! I am ready to make the leap from working FOR someone, to working for ME. I know I can do it, and keeping the above in mind will go a huge way to helping me get my mortgage paid off, have the odd long weekend away with my partner, and retire with him to do all the fun things that working for someone does not necessarily give you.
    Thanks Lisa.

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Thanks so much for all your comments so far, I’m really happy to help and inspire others! I truly believe that starting your own business is a journey of self development, like no other. Having faith in the Law of Attraction can only magnify your success!

  • OutOfOffice says:

    Another gem of advice Lisa.
    Both my husband and I were made redundant towards the end of 2008 so our test of faith and belief in our ability to change our lives completely was already severely stretched.
    I know I am a good administrator and PA and I truly believe that I can make a living helping other businesses build their business and relieve them of their admin worries; I just have to convince them of that.
    We have both had to make major changes in the direction our lives were heading, but with your help (and some clients), I for one will make it, thank you.

  • Dear Lisa,
    I believe in the Law of Attraction. You stated it most succinctly. Yes, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. It is not by accident that I chanced upon your E-Book. I have been thinking all the while about the things stated in it. And now my thoughts have been affirmed by what you wrote.
    You opened my eyes on the need for confidence or self-trust. Yes, to be successful one must believe in himself or fully trust in himself.
    Thank you for sharing with people like me your experience, ideas and thoughts on the Law of Attraction.
    From: Migen L. Osorio ([email protected])

  • Migen L. Osorio says:

    Dear Lisa,
    For some reason I got back to your line of communication today. It is good to refresh my mind about what I said about the Law of Attraction. It has always worked for me, in so very many ways. I am ready to affirm it, including having dreamed of something happening the night before something actually happening the very next day without deliberation on my part. The dream is still very vivid after all these years. I was then in my early teens. One of my sisters has said that I should stop talking about things because what I talk about actually happens.
    I was told by my teacher on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in graduate school (Yes, I have long since graduated and am now a social psychologist by virtue of my having earned my MA major in Psychology from a reputable school), yes, my teacher said I am psychic. I believe in my gut-feel.
    I also believe that when something happens to you, you are ready for it.
    I must say that all my life I have attracted that which I truly wanted. Sometimes with disastrous results. Now I am ready to focus on all things good and I expect all good things to happen to me.
    I hope to hear from you again.
    I remain,
    (Miss) MIGEN L. OSORIO

  • tim sprague says:

    It is frightenly true!!!

    Damn it!!

    If I ever decide what it is I want, then I will know….LOL.

  • Giselle C says:

    I’m so amazed with all that I have read. And I’m looking forward to achieving my VA business with your wonderful tips. I greatly appreciate you !!!!

    Many blessings to you :)
    Giselle C.

  • Jessie says:

    Hi Lisa, what a wonderful post with full of encouragement ! I just loved it. I was on the way of reading your ” The 7 thing You must know Before Starting Your Successful Virtual Assistant Business! “. And I am glad I didn’t skip this. I am learning the ropes of Virtual assistance business. Thank you so much for your encouragement for aspiring VAs like us.

  • Exellent and Empowering Information.Let the Intellectually Deprived Community of our contemporary Society Globally, Find your Blog for Inspiration and Encouragement.Thanks.

  • As I am Soon Starting the Virtual Assistant Business in India , I Needed Such Inspiring Articles which gets me Filled with Positivity while Striving Deep into the Enterprise.
    You have mentioned How Can We Practically Implement the Universal Truth of the Law of Attraction into our Venture, and I am Totally Sure to Do Big, Bigger and Biggest into the Trade.
    The Real Support comes from WITHIN.Let me Manifest my Innermost Professional Aspiration by making use of the Eternal Natural Law of Attraction.

  • neethu says:

    Great advise Lisa, This will definitely help to change someones life. Law of attraction is always helped me to achieve my dreams, now i am going to try it on my VA business too.
    Your blog and e-books are really helped me a lot Lisa.

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