Don’t Take It To Heart!

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The post I wrote about ‘How To Overcome A Negative Reaction From Family And Friends’ reminded me of something else.

I remember when I was first setting up my business and had just joined an online business networking site to do some virtual mingling and meet potential clients. On that site I met someone in my home town, who also ran a business. I arranged to meet her for a coffee.

We had an excellent chat, brainstorming ways we could help both our businesses. She already had an in-house assistant so wasn’t interested in my services at that time, but it still a really productive meeting. She gave me the numbers of a couple of people who might want my services and I got work with one of them.

Anyway, I will always remember one thing she said to me that day:

“I’ve seen a few Virtual Assistants on the online networking site – they’re there, but it looks like no-one’s buying”.


I immediately knew that this was an inaccurate comment because:

1. I had been in touch with other Virtual Assistants who had clients and who were making a good income.

2. How can you assume that no-one is buying Virtual Assistant services because there are a number of Virtual Assistants on a networking site? They’re just like any other business owner on a site, networking to get business and make friends. If you join a networking site and see a lot of marketing consultants on there, can you assume that ‘no-one’s buying’ marketing consulting services? On the contrary, marketing consultants are on there BECAUSE people are ‘buying’.

Suffice to say, I took this remark with a pinch of salt and it made me more determined to press ahead with my Virtual Assistant business. I wouldn’t have got to where I am today if I had taken negative comments like that to heart!

As we get our teeth stuck into 2008, remember this tip for all areas of your life. Don’t take things to heart and don’t believe everything you hear.

By the way, the online business networking site that I mentioned is called:

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