Virtual Assistant Marketing 101 – Market Your Virtual Assistant Business With Articles

By January 28, 2009 Marketing 5 Comments

One of the very best Virtual Assistant marketing methods is writing and submitting articles to directories. It’s a free method of marketing – all it takes is some time and persistence.

Article marketing will give you valuable exposure on the Internet. Many editors and internet marketers look for fresh content each day on the article directories. If you are consistent in writing and submitting articles you’re likely to get published on other people’s websites, blogs and forums.

This means that you can gradually increase exposure for your Virtual Assistant business. So, what to write about? Well, pick topics that will showcase your experience and knowledge and help others. For example, if you’re highly organised and productive (you should be if you want to become a Virtual Assistant!) you could write about organising tips and how to get more things done.

Or maybe your strength is transcribing documents. You could write tips for clients about the best way to record material and get it sent to the VA. Those are just a few ideas to get your creative juices going.

Think of some relevant keyword phrases that you think people might be typing into the search engines. Include these in the title and body of the article but don’t overdo it.

When you submit articles to article directories, you need to also submit a short bio (or resource box) that goes underneath your article. This is where you can promote your business (shameless plug!), so it’s worth spending some time crafting a good bio.

In the bio, make sure you provide a link to your Virtual Assistant website and a short blurb about yourself. You should talk about the depth of knowledge and experience you have in the business. You should also highlight your quality work and how other people have been satisfied with your services in the past.

It’s a good idea to post your articles on your website too. This gives you more chance of being found in the search engines. It’s important to rewrite the article so that you have unique content on your own website.

This is the usual process for submitting and writing articles:

•    Write an article of between 300 – 500 words
•    Submit it to the top article directories
•    Wait for the article to be accepted and displayed in the directory
•    Search engines will start to find your article and list it in their results
•    People will find your article, read it and then click the link to your website
•    You bring in new clients who want to work with you!

By using the tips in this article, you should be able to take full advantage of article marketing and expand your Virtual Assistant business.

Do you have any questions or comments about this Virtual Assistant marketing strategy?If so, please post them below!

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  • Very good!
    This post is really something!
    Before starting writing articles, I already figured it out.
    What would be my topics and what are my genre.
    The thing is before doing or engaging something one must think it over and over.
    Planning is is essential in every moves a person does.That is why,self-examination should be done first,an intense introspection.

    This will actually help in deciding what kind of articles should you write about.
    It works for me.I think ,it will work for you too.

  • Renee says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks alot for this article on your blog. I am a virtual assistant that happens to LOVE doing article submissions for my clients. They are inexpensive and are hugely effective in sending new traffic to your website.

    Alot of people don’t realize that with a little creativity and a few moments free to write the story, they can create simple but powerful articles just like the one you just did.

    Great job!

    Renee Zeliff
    Virtual Assistant
    High Desert Business Solutions

  • I don’t feel confident writing an article. How can I get help with this as well as blogging.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    Deborah J.

  • Sharron says:

    Thanks Lisa,
    I was just about to look into this area myself as I am passionate about writing and would like to refocus my VA business in this direction i.e, copywriting, blogging and articles etc. There seems to be a lot of people seeking VA’s to produce this kind of work.

  • Michelle says:

    Try posting your website articles or blog to any of these top article submission sites:

    Ezinearticles – Expert authors sharing their best ezinearticles
    Go Articles – The web’s largest free content article directory


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