How To Get Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business – Getting Them Over The Hump!

By April 9, 2008 Marketing 14 Comments

Here’s a YouTube video I made in response to a question from a fellow Virtual Assistant about how to get clients over the hump! You know that feeling when you have potential clients who know they need to outsource their work, but they’re always so busy and never get time to hand the work over to you? Most of the time they think it’s easier to do everything themselves…

Well, here’s my tip to get clients like this ‘over the hump’ and lining up to use your Virtual Assistant services! This is just one short but powerful tip. I’m sure some of you will have more tips of your own, so don’t be shy, please add your comments below!

And what do you think of my video? I’m new at this, so be gentle!



  • Paula Duggan says:

    Hey Lisa,
    That was pretty good and very informative. No one would know you are new to this at all. Well done.
    I am doing a fair amount of work I picked up through Elance and Guru. Basically articles, promotional work and web content. I haven’t really got into the Virtual PA type role as I am more of a Freelance Journalist/Creative Writer but in saying that, I do enjoy your emails.
    Keep up the good work

  • Thank you Lisa – very informative little video, I can’t stop now because I am just going to put your wise words into action! Regards Michele

  • fiona says:

    Hi Lisa, Thanks – that’s a really good tip and seems so simple to implement. Although sometimes pinning down your potential client to commit to a half-hour conversation is another story altogether!

    By the way, you made a great video, you looked lovely, your words and meaning were clear and your style of conversation is tops.


  • Amy says:

    I love it Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to do the videos!
    :) Amy

  • Kara says:

    I found the break it down and keeping it simple great. Something I did not think of. Thanks. It also helps to hear it and not just read it.

  • Renee says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I just wanted to say I think the YouTube video clip is very helpful. I just started my business and only have one client so far. I know that many potential clients might not even know where to start with a virtual assistant so the simple plan is a great idea. One task is less daunting and more economical sometimes for the client to accept. Great adive indeed.
    Thanks for all of your helpful tips and advice.

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Thanks everyone, for all your comments! I was a little hesitant to start doing videos but you’ve inspired me to keep going.

    @ Paula – Glad to hear about the work you’re picking up through Elance and Guru. Alot of people get put off trying to get work through these sites because of the competition. But I think it’s a valid way of getting work, especially if you specialise in certain areas, as you obviously do. And yes, many of my tips apply to freelancers in general, not just Virtual Assistants.

    @ Michele – that is my aim with these short video clips, just some quick and easy tips that you can run with right away.

    @ Fiona – Thanks, I wasn’t sure about doing the video yesterday as I’d just come back from yoga and was not looking or feeling very business-like. But that’s what it’s all about, just being natural and being yourself.

    @ Amy – I’ll keep going, then!

    @ Kara – Yep, I find that too. I can read something and understand it, but seeing and hearing it is another thing altogether.

    @ Renee – Exactly. Many potential clients have no idea where to begin, and of course, starting with one single task is very economical for the client. A kind of ‘sample’ of your work. Then, when they realise what you can do for their lives, they are much more likely to give you more work, on an ongoing basis. A nice way to ease the client into a relationship with you.

  • Renee Barber says:

    Dear Lisa

    Your video was fantastic! The tone was clear and your pace was excellent.

    Although I’m not a Virtual Assistant in the traditional sense, I believe that anyone who works from a home-based office is a virtual assistant in at least one sense, as we operate virtually and we assist clients!

    My specialties are actually web site development (including CMS systems and shopping carts), graphic design, writing and editing. The most recent additions to my repertoire have been book design (fantastic!) and manuscript assessment (interesting!)

    In any case, I strongly believe the subject for this video can be extrapolated to all businesses. We all have to give clients clear and convincing benefits for using our services and we need to make it easy for them to make the decision to hire us (by reducing ‘perceived risk’).

    It’s easy for businesses (myself included) to get too busy to concentrate on putting systems in place to allow us to maximise our time, but it’s really critical if we want to grow and prosper and, let’s face it, have time to take holidays and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

    Your suggestion to provide an outline of what the client needs to provide to get ‘the ball rolling’ was fabulous. I’ve also found that doing the groundwork and providing suggestions on how to improve their processes also helps to build trust and confidence in your abilities.

    OK, as you can see, I’m pretty passionate about ‘client management’, but I’d better close for now as I have heaps to do!

    Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

    Kind Regards

    Renee Barber

  • You sound and look wonderful! What a great job. You helped me to become more comfortable now at what I am doing. Thank you for taking a step forward to help me take my next step. Well done, Lisa.

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    @ Renee Barber – Thanks, I was worried that I was going too fast because I speak quite quickly when I’m excited, so I’m glad you thought the pace was good.

    You’re right, anyone who works from a home-based office assisting clients virtually is a ‘virtual assistant’ at least in one sense, and again, many of the tips and strategies I talk about can be applied to any home based freelancing business.

    @ Delilah – Thanks for your ongoing comments to my blog!

  • Lynne Hindes says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Well done! Very clear & to the point. Thanks for your help. Lynne

  • Lisa too says:

    HI Lisa, I just had the chance to view your video. Thanks so much for all your helpful tips and suggestions! When I meet with a new client, often times my needs assessment process snowballs into this huge list and then I become overwhelmed along with the client! :o) I am going to have them list the tasks that they 1) dislike the most to do and 2) are not income producing activities for them. They can then prioritize the list and when we meet, I have the groundwork on where to start. Thanks for putting those wheels into motion for me! God Bless!

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Hi Lisa, I didn’t think of it like that – you’re right, it’s also a great way to reduce overwhelm for YOU, not only the client!

  • Very straight forward. I found that I am going to try sending out a brochure that I printed up. I list in it a few of my services. Mainly, I have been an Accredited Legal Secretary so I have listed transcription. No legal secretary likes doing transcription because it being tedious. I also didn’t know about the sites that you can bid for work. Thanks for the tip.

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