Virtual Assistant Marketing 101 – Market Your Virtual Assistant Business With Blogging

By February 4, 2009 Marketing 14 Comments

As a Virtual Assistant you can market your business very effectively by having your own blog. A blog is a central place where you can post your thoughts and news on topics related to business and the Virtual Assistant industry.

The purpose of blogging is to establish a relationship with your audience. Over a period of time, you’ll build credibility and people will come to trust you. Of course, the ultimate purpose is to attract as many people as possible to your Virtual Assistant website, so that you build a larger portfolio of clients.

In terms of blogging platforms, WordPress is one of the best and it’s the one I use for this blog. Search engines tend to pick up WordPress content very easily, and it’s user-friendly. Best of all, it’s free. You can install WordPress on your own server, or have it hosted at

You may be wondering what to write about. Why not share your thoughts about the latest trends and technologies in the Virtual Assistant industry? This shows that you have good knowledge and experience in the business.

You could also write about ways that people can use the services of a Virtual Assistant and how to avoid costly mistakes when hiring one. Don’t be afraid to include some personal news as well, as a way of letting people get to know you better.

It’s important to post regularly to your blog to keep the content fresh and up to date. It’s also important for search engines, as they love blogs that are regularly updated. Having fresh content gives the search engine spiders much ‘fodder’ to feed on.

Become active in the blogging community. Visit other people’s blogs in the small business, marketing and Virtual Assistant field and read what people have to say. If you have a relevant comment to add, post it on their blog. This will give your blog more exposure as you can also leave a link to your blog along with your comment.

The main keys to blogging are:

1.    Write about current topics and include a personal touch
2.    Give good information
3.    Post regularly
4.    Get active in the blog community and post comments on other blogs

If you keep these simple points in mind when you’re blogging, you’ll build a good audience, gain the trust of people and increase your list of happy clients.

Do you have any questions or comments about blogging? Please comment below!

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  • Dianne says:

    Hi! Guys:

    I really need some expert advice. I have been trying to get my Virtual Assistant business off the ground for eight months now with no success. I have tried to get jobs on Odesk and Elance but the employers always turn down my proposal with the reason being that I have no feedback.

    How can I get feedback if no one will hire me. I live in Jamaica and this unemployment state is really getting to me. If I have just one client I would be more than satisfied.

    Oh! by the way I have no idea how to blog. I have over ten years of administrative experience and a BSc in Psychology but those sure aren’t helping me.

    I need help. What do you suggest.

  • Ezra Shua says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Re: Blogging

    I totaly agree with this idea because ideas usually come as a speed of light into once thoughts and if not properly recorded and preserved it can equally disapear faster and forever.
    Moreover, Management is all about achieving result through the efforts of others; that is why in this mordern knowledge economy, Managers out there are looking for the best brains with dynamic ideas to run their businesses.
    To my fellow Virtual Assistants world wide, I can say two good heads are better than one – let us build a better world by sharing our thoughts and ideas.
    Thank you.


  • Renee says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Once again, another great topic. I am currently planning on starting my own blog so this comes right on time for me.

    As always its a super article!

    Renee Zeliff
    Virtual Assistant
    High Desert Business Solutions

  • Hi girls
    I, too, have recently started my own business as a freelance/virtual assistant in business support and am trying everything I can think of and talking to anyone who’ll listen, to get clients! That’s certainly the hard part. I think we all have the experience; it’s getting in front of people that’s the biggest challenge!
    I, too, haven’t a clue how to blog, so I’m off to WordPress and also BLOGGER, which is supplied by Google, to have a go.
    Hope to hear from you!
    Jacky Lawrence
    Coventry, West Midlands, UK

  • Lisa,

    As far as internet marketing goes, I have found that blogging is absolutely essential. People are for more likely to visit your blog than any other website you have, especially if you are offering information that is of “value”.
    Wordpress is great, but I tend to stick to using Blogger since Google LOVES Blogger!

    Thanks for another great article,
    Write On!

  • Richard says:

    Hello friends,
    Since making the decision to become a PA, I find a lot of small contractors seeking my services. Many of these men and women are qualified trades-persons with limited education, some no more than primary school level. So. I am sometimes over-burdened with preparing invoices, quotations, call cards, promotions etc.
    This can be an idea for my friend Dianne in Jamaica ( (Hi From Trinidad!)

    Don’t ever be afraid to talk to potential clients (everyone). If you have to break the ice with a little humour, my personal favourite is:” So, what goodness and mercies are you bringing my way today? Ice can melt in the space of time it takes for them fo figure out what that means.

    I will check in from time to time to see it goes with you…


  • Dennis M. says:

    Hello Dianne,

    Here’s what you do. Go back to Odesk and Elance and offer your service for $1. Explain very clearly that you’re NEW and you’re offering such a ridiculously low price (basically FREE) because you need feedback for anyone to take you seriously.

    If you’re upfront and honest about this people will see you’re not running a scam. You also may be get a few people that will feel compassion and give you business “just because”.

    Be sure to state that you will ONLY do this $1 deal for feedback.

    Good luck!

  • Susan says:

    Hi Dianne,
    I think Dennis idea is great as who would refuse cheap work and make sure you get a testimonal to show your prospective clients.

    I also think you should learn about network marketing this gives you something to talk about and the confidence to talk to others.

    Every year i read a specialist book to give me a positive outlook on life.
    At the moment you are surrounded by negativity, due to a situation you cannot control, but you can change your own life by following some books eg. The NLP Coach or Sumo. I am sure you could get something similar to give you a positive mind set to get you out of the rut.
    Remember the books are just a guidance.
    Best Wishes

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    @ Dianne – I also agree that Dennis has a great idea with bidding at $1 for feedback on Odesk and Elance. Thanks Dennis for your suggestion. Sometimes you have to think outside the square and grab people’s attention using different tactics.

    @ Jacky – Blogger is very easy to use and ranks well in the search engines. However, I’d stick with WordPress (that you host yourself), which means you retain control over your content. If you use Blogger, you’re essentially uploading the content to their website, not yours. WordPress is also well liked by the search engines.

    @ Susan – Self help books are wonderful for keeping you in a positive frame of mind. I have quite a collection at home :)

  • Michelle says:

    WHY you need a blog
    Blogs help you target and attract more of your audience for several reasons:

    * This is another outlet for potential customers that are going to search engines to locate you. You will be providing information based on what your customers are searching/shopping. If they came to your blog, then the must be interested in your product/service, right?
    * Think of a blog and your website as free advertising space. Sure you pay for hosting and the domain (like $60/year!?!), but what a great ROI if the visitors you are attracting are converted into customers.
    * Fresh content helps with your ranking. Frequently updated sites are “crawled” more often and therefore will rank higher. This is seen by search engines as being a worthwhile site with valuable content.
    * Visitors will be more tempted to bookmark your site and return to it if there is worthwhile content. More visits means better ranking in search engines.
    * Blogs allow for 2-way communication that brings a sense of knowing who you are working with.

    Read more at:

  • Hayat says:

    I am very grateful that I have met each and every one of you and read your stories. I am also facing this same dilemma with picking my business off of the ground. I have to find tune a few things, but I will take into consideration everything that I have read and each day I will regroup! I have been in the Administrative arena for over 15 years mainly in the corporate sector. I have a lot of sharp tools to use, but no clients. I am especially grateful for Lisa’s assistance. Today my mission is to start blogging and keeping up the pace.

  • Edmond says:

    Hello every reader,

    What you know, share with others.
    What you do not know, find ways to learn from others
    What you know and you do not want to share with others who need remains unproductive and makes you unproductive
    Help and you will be helped.

    I love to share my skills in wordprocessing and language (French/English) with whoever may need my assistance anytime, anywhere.

    Feel free to contact me.

  • miles says:

    That’s a very good post you did about virtual assistants. In order to catch someone attention we have to post an interesting topics related to business and the virtual assistant community.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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