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By July 29, 2009 Marketing 9 Comments

Social media is a very popular way for businesses to market themselves on the internet. What was once seen as ‘just for teenagers’ has been booming and is still growing as a viable and powerful medium for companies to increase their reach on the internet.

Virtual Assistants who previously ‘just’ provided services in typing, planning events, internet research etc, are branching into offering social media services to an ever-expanding international client base.

The great thing about this kind of work is that it’s invariably ongoing. Social media marketing only works if you do it on a regular basis! It’s also fairly time-consuming as well.

You need to create a profile, join relevant groups, post frequent updates, build and nurture relationships with people.

However, the rewards are great, with many companies and solo business owners acquiring new clients through these channels that they would otherwise not have met. In fact, there are lots of businesses who are finding that ALL their clients are coming to them through social media alone.

Savvy businesses don’t want to be left behind in the social media revolution. However, they’re hard pushed to find time to keep up with it all. If you’ve ever used Twitter or Facebook in any great depth, you know that it can chew up countless hours if you’re not careful.

This is where you come in, offering to help businesses stay on top of their social media presence. Just think of the possibilities out there. You could help clients in the following ways:

- set up profiles and keep them up to date
- write and update blogs
- post regular updates on Twitter
- find relevant groups to join
- create events on Facebook
- network with new and existing contacts on LinkedIn

You might be wondering how you can get clients in this niche. Before you can get clients, you have to jump in and learn about social media marketing yourself.

In my step-by-step system called “The 5 Key Steps To Your Virtual Assistant Business”, I teach you how to find clients using social media and lots of other ways. You’ll also be able to use your new social media skills so you can offer them as a service. The System also includes templates for your business plan, marketing plan and start-up checklist. Find out more here


  • Marie says:

    Hi Lisa, I don’t necessarily know how, but since I became active on Twitter, I have found all of my clients in the past 6 months from Twitter contacts. I love social media and talk about it with business owners any chance I get as this is the area my VA business is moving into :) I do want to stress that I haven’t gained those clients by marketing my business, but by building relationships and offering advice when someone has tweeted a concern (that a VA could help with).

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Hi Marie – that’s fantastic. All of your clients have come from Twitter in the past 6 months!

    I haven’t had much time to get onto Twitter recently but a while back I was very active on Twitter and within a week I got two new client enquiries and a request to write an article for an online magazine. I hear that lots of businesses are getting all their clients through Twitter.

    I’ve also had quite a bit of success meeting and working with clients on Facebook. It’s all about reaping what you sow.

    I like the way you point out that you didn’t get those clients by marketing your business directly.

    That’s exactly the way it works with social media marketing or any other kind of networking, you don’t go around promoting yourself blatantly. You establish yourself as a trustworthy, reliable, helpful person that people can trust. You give advice freely, where appropriate, without expecting anything in return.

    That way, whenever a contact of yours wants to use a Virtual Assistant, the first person they’ll think of is you!

  • Good information. Even though I have joined few social medias, I was not aware of the value of this particular media. Thanks.

  • Bonnie says:

    Hi Lisa! This post is right on the money… finding value in relationships with social media means investing in your own brand, show by example what you can do for others by doing for yourself. My social media presence has allowed me to meet people I would never have met if I didn’t have a social media brand. I actively post to my Twitter & Facebook pages, engage in conversations to learn and share, comment on blogs and am developing several blogs of my own.

    Would love to learn more about how you developed your business, especially like determining fees for specific services and how to define time investment with reasonable return on investment, any thoughts you can share?!? Any advice on LinkedIn?

    Thanks for another great post!

  • Hayat Yusuf says:

    Hi There Marie!

    Yes, I have been using Linkedin for a few weeks now and I am totally committed in building my social network. I have invited folks and folks have invited me. I have received a few recommendations as well. I have also joined a few Groups. Another group I joined is MeetUp, which I decided to venture into the Public Speaking arena. I have taking many classes in Public Speaking and Presentations and I can’t wait to try out my skills. I thought I will revisit the session to sharpen my tools. This is another service that I would like to offer and provide to my clients.

    Yes indeed, Linkedin is a great place to start and I am simply loving it! It says something to the next person; it says that you are in that circle of people that seem to share the same common denominator.

    I will now venture into Twitter and Facebook, another service I would like to provide following the instructions of Lisa! I have learned a great deal from you and Lisa and I plan to continue to follow the both of you.

    Best regards,

  • michelle says:

    The key to every site’s success is through good marketing and promotion. Even if you have really good and substantial content on your site, you still need to promote it to avoid getting left behind the competition. In the internet community, the best way to achieve an increase in website traffic and revenue is to take advantage of social media. When used correctly, this tool can provide a platform for brand awareness, exposure, networking, and a huge boost in traffic & sales.

  • Melanie says:

    Hey Lisa ~ I’d be interested in learning some strategies for using social media sites to find a virtual position as a proofreader.

    Any thoughts? Advice? Pointers?

    Thank You,
    Melanie Kissell

  • tim sprague says:

    I resisted FaceBook until the most famous person I know invited me to join. By the time I completed the registration and got a picture up, my friend moved on to Twitter!

    Then I had terrible experiences and I thought I had embarrassed all of my friends past the point of no return.

    But lately I have posted some interesting links and found some people that think I may be OK.

    Out of the blue, I received an invitation to do a discussion group. I’m not sure what that means, but I look forward to expressing my views, perhaps to a new audience, and certainly to a better branded me.

  • Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of internet marketing. It is good way to get connected to targeted audience and then convert them to potential buyer. It is less expensive too.

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