How to create positive affirmations and remove self doubt

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In my last blog post I wrote about the fears you may be having about marketing your freelance/Virtual Assistance business.

I encourage you to write down any fears that you have, in your own words.  By recognising and acknowledging your underlying doubts, you gain the power to turn them into positive beliefs.  Challenge your fears by writing down positive statements.  Here are some examples of positive statements that I created, to challenge the fears I had:

  • Negative Thought: Will I actually get any clients or is this going to be a waste of time?
  • Positive Belief: I will get all the clients I need so that I can work from home full-time. Each hour that I invest in marketing and building my business will pay off in the future.
  • Negative Thought: Where am I going to get clients from? Is anyone really going to need my services?
  • Positive Belief: I know that suitable clients are everywhere. I just have to market myself in a way that will attract the right clients to me. There are people out there who need my services to help grow their businesses.
  • Negative Thought: It might take me ages to get my first suitable client.
  • Positive Belief: I will get my first client quickly and easily.
  • Negative Thought: Will I get enough clients to fill each week?
  • Positive Belief: I will get enough ongoing clients to fill xx hours a week. It’s just a matter of having a good marketing strategy, time, determination and persistence.
  • Negative Thought: I’m not confident enough to “get out there” and meet people face to face.  Maybe I’ll just stick to putting a few ads in the local paper and see if I get any business.
  • Positive Belief: I am ready to try various ways of marketing my business.  Some marketing methods will be more successful than others.  I am confident enough to get out of my comfort zone and educate people about the services I have to offer.  If a particular marketing method works then I will do more of the same!
  • Negative Thought: There might be alot of competition already.  If the market is already saturated with Virtual Assistants / freelancers, how will I get any business?
  • Positive Belief: My fellow freelancers/Virtual Assistants are all unique and have different skills and services to offer.  The market is not saturated because there are many potential clients that have not heard of Virtual Assistance yet and they need me! I am confident that I will get lots of business and be able to use my unique skills to help other businesses.
  • Negative Thought: How much money do I need to market myself? I might not have the budget for it.
  • Positive Belief: I have all the resources I need to market myself. There are many ways to market my business without spending a cent. I have enough money, time, determination and persistence to be successful.

How does that sound? Doesn’t that make you feel more confident, optimistic and restore your faith in yourself?

Once you have formulated your positive statements, take a fresh sheet of paper. On your blank sheet of paper, write out ONLY THE POSITIVE STATEMENTS.  There is no need to write down your fears again because you have already got these out of your system. There is no need to focus on them again. Going forward, you only want to focus on your positive statements.

Each night before you go to sleep, read through your positive, affirming statements so that they are absorbed into your subconscious mind. Every morning, read through them again. Really FEEL the statements rather than simply reading them through.

In time, you’ll be amazed at how confident and optimistic you feel. You’ll be able to face any obstacles and challenges (and we all have them!) with faith and resilience. Having faith in yourself is vital to your success as a Virtual Assistant or any other type of freelancer.

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  • R.Rajkumar says:

    It is really encouraging.You have been sending mails and It is my problems which is holding up things.
    Thank you very much.

  • Really interesting and motivating.

  • Anthony Lovett says:

    Look forward to your blogs Lisa, they answer a lot of of self doubt questions I have. I am in the process of setting up my own VA business, and your newsletters, blog are in inspiration. Many thanks for all your assistance

  • Sharon says:


    Thank you for helping the rest of us who are trying to find our way. I will do something positive toward getting going this week. I hope business is great for you and that you’re developing other ways also (you have–your books) to generate residual income.

  • Hi, did i see you were running an online market yourself course? where i can read more. many thanks Karen

  • Sandra H. says:

    I have some of these same fears. I am currently working part-time in a position away from home, but I desperately desire to be a work-at-home mom so that I can be more flexible in being available for my children (ages 7 and 14). I am strongly considering starting a VA business by the time their schools start back in August so that I can have that time during the day that is dedicated to working on my business. I have many computer skills, but one of my fears is that I am not yet skilled in creating websites for clients which I’m sure is a common request. However, I am extremely proficient with Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, PowerPoint, etc. I am also great at organizational skills, creating newsletters, and am increasingly proficient with social media. I would love some feedback from others who have done this. I guess I feel like I have to know how to do everything before I even get started. Also, what do you do if you get more clients than you have time to handle?

    • Lisa Taliga says:

      @Sandra, don’t worry if you don’t know about how to create websites for clients, you already have other skills that you can offer. And getting more clients than you can handle is a potential “problem” but you can always partner up with other VAs and share the work around if you find you are overloaded!

    • Tina says:

      @Sandra Hi my name is Tina and I myself have just revamped my business as I walked away from a brick and mortar office because I have become disabled and need to work from home on my own schedule. There are so many fears starting out but the more you do the more skills you learn and possess and Lisa is so right become friends with other VAs that may specialize in those few things that you don’t and partner up for certain tasks. I myself has a girl who works with me that specializes in the things that I don’t, it makes it easier then when someone says that they need something. I am, however, still looking for the right clients as sometimes you have to be careful so that you don’t get burned with those that do not want to pay. Also you can join some great VA communities online and on facebook, they have great feedback and are always willing to listen and help just like Lisa!

      Good luck to you in all of your future endeavors.

  • Tina says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I think your blog came at the right time as I have been having many self doubts right now. It is very motivating to hear you say those words of turning my fears into positive affirmations. I preach but I need to practice it. Thank you for always sharing with the VA community, it is a great way to feel so supported, especially when there are so many just starting out or branching off to be on their own.

    Forever grateful,

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Thanks Tina, that means a lot to me. It sounds like becoming a Virtual Assistant is just the right opportunity for you, and it’s great that you have already partnered with another VA with complementary skills. Keep me posted on your progress.

  • Elecia says:

    Thanks Lisa, I have been having doubts about my ability to be successful as a VA. Your emails are very encouraging

  • Catherine G. says:

    Hi Lisa. It never fails. Just about the time I start to give in to “negative self-talk,” I get one of your emails that takes me down a completely different road. Thanks for your persistence, and taking us all with you on that journey! You are a blessing! -Catherine

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