How To Get Clients For Your Business – Tell Everyone What You’re Doing

By February 25, 2008 Marketing No Comments

In my article called “7 Powerful Ways to Market Your Home- Based Business At Little Or No Cost”, I suggested telling everyone about your business, as a way of getting clients. This has always worked out well for me. It sounds like an obvious tip, but it’s amazing how you can forget to do this on an ongoing basis.

Recently I told a friend of mine about a new service I’d added to my business i.e. designing newsletters. She happened to be working at a large corporate, and was in charge of their quarterly newsletter. They had been using another designer previously, but for one reason or another, they were looking for someone new. One thing lead to another and I ended up getting a long-term contract doing their newsletter! She already knew that I was working from home as a Virtual Assistant, but I’m glad that I ‘remembered’ to tell her about my newsletter service, otherwise I wouldn’t have landed that work.

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