How To Find An Outstanding Name For Your Business

By January 22, 2008 Marketing One Comment

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your Virtual Assistant business, or any other business for that matter, here are a few tips for inspiration.

First of all, try to be unique. It’s not going to help your business if you pick a name that’s too similar to another Virtual Assistant (especially one in your hometown).

It’s important to think about your target market when coming up with business name ideas. To take an extreme example, if you’re looking to work with accountants, you’ll want to aim for a more formal-sounding name as opposed to targeting actors, who’ll be more attracted to a creative, fun sounding name.

Think outside the square as well – someone wrote to me saying that she couldn’t find a name that was still available that had the words ‘Virtual’, ‘Assistant’ or ‘VA’ in it. Just because you’re a Virtual Assistant, you don’t need to use the words ‘virtual’, ‘assistant’ or ‘VA’.

In this great article, Marcia Yudkin takes you through 19 steps that will help you find an outstanding name for your business:

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