Freelance Marketing – Building A Solid Foundation

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When it comes to marketing your freelance business, you can read up on tons of marketing strategies until your eyes get dry, but in order for you to be successful, you’ll need to work on your “mindset” first. When I say mindset, I’m referring to your level of self belief. I’m also referring to whether you are operating from a place of of fear and scarcity or from a place of confidence and abundance.

This is a fundamental part of the process which many people overlook. Think of this as your foundation for building a successful freelance business. Without a positive mindset you will falter at the first hurdle of finding clients, that’s if you muster up enough courage to try in the first place!

However, with a sturdy, optimistic foundation your “house” i.e. your business will be built on solid ground. You will find it much easier to persist even if things don’t go your way from time to time and you will grow from strength to strength.

Let’s explore various aspects of mindset and how it could be affecting your success right now.

1. Self belief

Each one of us has had “successes” and “failures” in our lives. How we perceive these events affects us in terms of how we perceive ourselves. If we are hard on ourselves and beat ourselves up about our perceived “failures”, this will be detrimental to our sense of self confidence and will affect how successful we are when marketing our business. For example, you get a call from a potential client. For whatever reason, the prospect does not end up working with you. This could be because he or she is just not ready to go ahead rather than anything to do with you personally.

If your confidence in yourself is not as strong as it could be, you’re likely to blame yourself for “doing something wrong” just because this particular prospect did not turn into a client. However, if your level of self belief is strong, you would just put it down to “one of those things” and move on, without beating yourself up about it.

2. Fear

In a previous blog post I explored some of the concrete fears that you may or not be experiencing . Fears such as these are common, however can you see how they hinder you in building a solid foundation for your freelance business? Actively working on your fears by challenging them with positive statements will reduce procrastination and have you feeling inspired to work towards your goals in spite of any “obstacles” you may encounter.

3. Scarcity

The scarcity mindset is quite insidious and can catch us unawares. You can tell whether you have a mindset of scarcity if you find yourself believing that there is “too much competition”, “the market is too saturated” and that there are “not enough clients” around. None of these beliefs are true! Opportunities are abundant for good freelancers such as copywriters, Virtual Assistants, graphic designers, web developers, programmers etc. There are lots of clients and exciting projects out there. We have to work on nurturing a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity before we start marketing our businesses.

I have created a 6 week audio course on how to market your freelance business. As part of the course I help you to develop a positive and optimistic mindset which will enable you to market your freelance business with confidence and joy, instead of operating from a place of fear and scarcity. I give you concrete steps and strategies that you can apply on an ongoing basis, to help you build a freelance business that you will be proud of.

If you are interested in this course, please contact me!

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