Always Use An Email Signature – It’s Your Marketing Friend

By March 21, 2008 Marketing 2 Comments

It surprises me when I see business emails without email signatures. Using a signature at the bottom of every email you send out is a vital marketing opportunity that mustn’t be missed. It’s easy for people to use your signature to recommend you to others. It also looks professional and saves people having to look up your details.

Here’s an example of an email signature:

Company Name
Cell phone

You can easily set this up in Outlook so that each email automatically goes out with a signature.


  • Deb Frawley says:

    I would recommend setting your e-mail signature up for personal e-mails too. We all know that you never know where that next client will come from!

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Thanks Deb. Certainly a great strategy is to use an email signature for EVERY email that goes out your virtual door! One of the best forms of FREE advertising there is. Sounds like you’re doing a great job of building your business while you’re still working a J-O-B. The key is consistency – you’re clearly consistent AND persistent.

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