Picky Domains At Your Service! Great Way Of Finding An Available, Creative Domain Name

By February 26, 2008 Marketing No Comments

Have you struggled for hours wondering what domain name to get for your business? I don’t blame you, it’s an important decision to make because you want one that reflects your business and sticks in people’s minds.

But then when you go to check and see if your preferences are available, often you’ll find that they’re gone. Selling and buying domain names is big business and there are alot of people squatting on domains with ad sites these days as well.

This is where Picky Domains can help. You send them details on what your site is going to be about and keywords relating to your site. They go off and do a bit of brainstorming and come back to you with domains that not only are creative and original, but AVAILABLE. How much time would that save you?

Give it a go at:


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