New Idea To Find Clients – Set Up A Coworking Group In Your Home Town

By April 21, 2008 Marketing 3 Comments

A friend sent me the link to this interesting article at about ‘coworking’ groups – basically a group of freelancers getting together on a regular basis, say in a local cafe, to work in the company of others.

So, theoretically, you get the best of all worlds – your freedom, a break from the isolation of working from home, new friends and people to bounce ideas off.

Hmm, I wonder if there might be an opportunity for an innovative Virtual Assistant (and any other freelancer for that matter), to organise such a group in their home town, and potentially get new clients that way?

I think it would be an excellent way of meeting new people, gaining trust and …potentially new business!

Read the full article here:

Next Phase Of Working At Home: Leaving Home


  • The whole idea of ‘working from home’ for me is to be flexible. To be able to pick up my laptop and remotely work from anywhere I want. I realize this video was geared towards freelancers however the downfall to openly admitting to being so free with your work location is some clients may start to worry about their privacy and question your confidentiality agreement. It is critical to be aware that some work cannot be carried around to a cafĂ© or work group. Some files are meant to be hidden away in your office with no danger of forgetting them at the local Starbucks.

    A better idea is to build a team of VA friends. While I’m quite efficient in some tasks, I know another VA can assist with other responsibilities I’m not so qualified to do and vice versa. If web design is often requested and you don’t have the skills, befriend some designers and programmers. I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate on a networking speech… :)

    Would I join a local VA group? Sure I would… we all do it virtually anyway! Meeting some VAs face-to-face would be interesting.

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Hi Chantal – well, you’d only do your own work at the coworking group such as catching up on your bookkeeping and own personal admin. That’s a great way of making sure that those things get done as well, as often it’s tempting to let it slide, in favour of client ‘busy-ness’.

    Of course, you’d make sure to let the coworking group know that that is your policy, i.e. that you are very strict about confidentiality and hence you only do your own admin at the coworking group. And so, this is turned to your advantage, because you’re also marketing the fact that you have and adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines.

    I’m all for building a team of VA friends as well!

  • You make an excellent point. Yes we tend to let our own admin responsibilities slide because they are not income generating tasks…blahblah we tell our clients the same thing LOL

    If we all took an hour or two out of our week to meet with other VAs to do our own admin work (other entrepreneurs invited of course), it would roll really well! I’m going to have to try that! =]

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