Applying To Job Ads In Your Local Paper

By August 26, 2009 Marketing 13 Comments

Here’s a way of finding clients that I haven’t really discussed much on this blog so far – applying to job advertisements in your local paper.

You’ll find smaller businesses looking for in-house admin, secretarial, clerical, marketing, bookkeeping etc support that haven’t heard of a Virtual Assistant.  They could be looking for someone full-time or part-time. Whatever the case, these businesses are all potential clients that you could be working with. They just need some education about Virtual Assistance.

Put together a letter which explains the virtual services you provide and the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant. These include cost savings because they don’t need to provide office space, equipment or any of the other things that in-house employees need to get the job done. They only pay by the hour for the work that needs doing, not for times when there is hardly anything going on. Also, there’s no need for them to have to deal with the admin and red tape involved in employing staff.

If you can, suggest an obligation-free meeting to discuss their needs. It’s much easier to get the benefits across when you’re in a face-to-face meeting. You may need to offer to work in their offices for a few hours a day initially, so they can get to know and trust you. Eventually, if all goes well and they’re comfortable with your services, you should be able to do the work from your home office as a Virtual Assistant.

I have created a step-by-step system called “The 5 Key Steps To Your Virtual Assistant Business” which teaches you how to become a Virtual Assistant. The System will save you lots of time trying to figure it all out yourself, and includes templates for your business plan, marketing plan and start-up checklist. Find out more here


  • Elizabeth says:

    Lisa – you are doing a great job. Always a pleasure to read your tips.

  • Hello, Great Info

    By me being a newbie and trying to get my Business up and going, this info will really help.

    Thanks alot for the tip and sharing the info.

    Patricia H.

  • Kennon Fort says:


    Thank you for sharing this. Believe it or not… It has caused me to think more about the secrets I know of top Internet marketers and how they go about managing the many relationships they have.


  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a great idea and one that I have looked at, also jobs that are advertised on my local radio station. If you can get direct to the company then it’s a way forward.

    Kind regards,


  • Lisa – This is excellent information for the beginning VA. This is how I started my business. Thanks for reminding me to check the want ads for more leads; I have fallen off of that boat.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m just starting up my VA business in London so all advice on how to get clients is useful for me! This isn’t an idea that I would have thought of but I’ll definitely look into it now.

    Thanks for the great advice and tips on the site – it’s great to have this kind of support when you’re starting up on your own.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for that great advice. I have thought about that but didn’t have a pitch ready to sell. I better get on the ball with things, because there are so many companies, looking for part-time help and office assistants. I’m realizing now that many companies either never heard of a Virtual Assistant or don’t understand the benefits to thme. As a virtual assistant, I’ll be glad to provide them with the knowledge.


  • Hi Lisa,

    I had thought about doing this some time ago but I did not know if it was worth it, I will give it a go in the near future.
    Thanks for reminding me!


  • Lurline Halliman says:

    Great idea Lisa! It turned a bulb on in my head.

  • Cheryl says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Thanks for all the pep talks and all the constant encouragement as well as the advises that you are handing out to us, and to those who wanted to start a career as virtual PAs.

    Best of luck and more power!


  • Allison says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Very informative article. I have started my VA business for about 1 month now. The clients that I have are still adapting to the benefits of having a VA. I go to their offices for a few hours each day. I am trying to get away from that but I know that it will take time for clients to understand the service that I provide. Although I earned a decent income this month, your article has provided a way for me to reach more clients.

    Thanks and God bless.

  • Cecilia says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Your articles are informative and educational. Thank you for consistently

    encouraging those of us who are new in the business. I am determined to make

    this project a success. Despite the difficulty experienced by some, I encourage all

    to think of this quotation by Winston Churchill:

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

    Keep up the good work.

  • Rhonda Brinkley says:

    Thank you Lisa for than information. I am getting my website completed and plan to have things running in a couple of weeks. I had to put my plans on hold for a moment due to a rare medi al condition but not that treatment has started, I am ready to proceed. I look forward to your blogs. Than you.

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