You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Have To Get It Going

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This is a great quote by Mike Litman, a motivational author – “You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Have To Get It Going”. How many times have you procrastinated on doing something because you felt it had to be perfect? Perfectionism can stifle many of our dreams. The root cause of this is fear. Fear of making a mistake, fear of failure, perhaps even fear of success. Let’s take the following example:

Sam really wants to work at home but is reluctant to do so unless he has ‘everything in place’. He spends so long researching and delaying things that he loses momentum and his work from home dreams never come to fruition.

Peter, on the other hand, gets the basics in place and moves forward. He knows things aren’t going to go to plan 100% of the time. He expects to make mistakes, but the key is that he’s prepared to learn from them and move on.

If you want it badly enough, you’ll do whatever it takes. On the other hand, if you don’t really want it deep down, you’ll always find a reason not to do it. Often the only person stopping us from getting what we want is ourselves.

Take action. This phrase is being bandied about quite a lot these days, especially on the internet. But it’s so true. Think about it. If you take no action, you may avoid making mistakes. But not taking action is a mistake in itself. At least if you DO take action and mess something up, you’ll have learnt a lesson of how NOT to do it. And next time you’ll get it right.


  • Anita James says:

    Mike Litman’s quote “You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just have to Get It Going,” makes so much sense to me. I have a rather analytical mind, and I thought that if I think about becoming a Virtual PA for too long, I shall analyse it out of existence. So I just jumped in with both feet and ‘hobnailed boots’ intent on working my socks off. I am still working my socks off, but I am so glad that I didn’t wait too long. Nothing is perfect and if we wait for perfection, then we’ll never do anything. I am making numerous mistakes as I go along, but it’s the only way I’m really going to learn!!

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Hi Anita, thanks for your comment. I’m very much the same. I like to analyse things, weigh up pros and cons, very methodical, like to be prepared. That can be a very good thing, but there’s only so much preparing and analysing we can do. The learning comes with the doing. The other aspect to consider is that one has to make the most of the momentum of a new business. Overanalysis can kill that momentum. Action feeds momentum, and hence success!

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