Question from a future Virtual Assistant in Spain

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Question From a Future VA in Spain:

“I am living in Spain at the moment and trying to register to be a virtual assistant. I believe that you can do this from anywhere in the world if you have the correct equipment. However, I am coming up against a brick wall.

When I try to register, I have tried a few times, I have to give email address/ phone number and address with Zip code. There lies the problem: I do not have a zip code as I do not live in USA. I am really keen to commence as a virtual assistant, so do hope you can assist.”


I’ll assume you’re referring to registering a business name. As you’re living in Spain, you’ll need to register at a Spanish small business authority, using your local Spanish address. You can work as a Virtual Assistant from anywhere in the world, but you need to set things up in your country of residence. Find out where your local small business advisory service is and get in touch with them for specific advice regarding your country’s requirements.

Good luck!

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