Virtual Assistant Networking Opportunity

By March 4, 2009 General No Comments

It’s still early days but I’m really enjoying working in this serviced office.

I’m establishing a routine that will incorporate exercise in the mornings before work. I love exercise and if I had more time I would do more of it. When I was working from home sometimes I would exercise in the morning or go at lunchtime, depending on the weather. Anyway, now I’m getting into the habit of morning exercise so that I can focus on work for the rest of the day.

So this morning I went for a run along the beach before starting work. They have showers here so that makes it easy to get presentable for the work day!

It takes just a little more organization working outside the home: you need to pack food for the day (unless of course you buy lunch, but that gets expensive) and a change of clothes if exercising etc.

Now, to the networking opportunities – already I’m meeting the owner of the serviced offices next week to discuss search engine optimization (getting his website higher in the search engines for relevant keyword phrases) and general internet marketing.

Then yesterday in the kitchen I got talking to another guy who runs a software company and has a two-man office here. He needs a brochure done so I gave him my card and some samples of brochures in my portfolio.

My next door neighbour is a lawyer who also wants my business card. There’s obviously a strong culture of referring each other business: a real community environment. I get the feeling I’m going to be increasing my income through new referrals and increased productivity from working in this serviced office.

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