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By September 6, 2008 General 9 Comments

I‘m about to leave for a 7 week trip to Europe to visit family and catch up with friends. I haven’t seen some of those friends since university days, so it’s going to be a real trip down memory lane.

It’s really exciting that becoming a Virtual Assistant has allowed me this kind of flexibility. In my previous life working for other people in a traditional 9-to-5 job, it would have been pretty difficult to get that amount of time off.

OK, to be honest, I am still ‘being a VA’ while I’m away. But that’s actually through choice. I’ve delegated some of my tasks to another VA but I’m actually curious about how the traveling and working lifestyle works, so I’ll still be doing some client work.

I’ll be trying out a service called Gotomypc which will allow me to access my computer and all its files while I’m overseas, as if I’m sitting in front of it. This seems like a fantastic idea, because I won’t have to worry about taking a laptop with me. I know it’s cool to sit in a cafe with your laptop but I have enough stuff to take with me without a laptop too! So, it’s going to be interesting to see how Gotomypc works while I’m away.

One of my clients, Janet Beckers, will also be traveling at the same time as me – my other clients will be in their usual locations. Janet will be speaking at an internet marketing conference in Los Angeles, and then traveling the West Coast in a campervan with her husband and children. It will be a blast to be helping her while we’re both traveling!

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  • Jayme Hoole says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I was just wondering how the Gotomypc service worked for you in the end?


  • Gopal says:

    Every thing is fine, if you have sufficient work to do. Otherwise we start haiting/ accusing others. Please tell me where I can register for work.

    I always enjoy reading notes/articles.

    Thank you.

  • Jennifer says:

    How do you find time to write all these articles? I am having difficulty even understanding how this virtual business starts up?

  • Monica says:

    I love this style of life but of course the point is to have enough work keep it going.

    No matter what we do we have to promote our business to create a sense of credibility and trust . So work will come in little by little at the beginning.


  • Lourdes Hernandez says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Welcome back.

    I am in the states and the economy at the present time is at its worst since more than 20 years ago. The unemployment rate is extremely high and companies are downsizing.

    Being that the economy is getting worst as days passed by I had hoped that it would be to be advantage having my own Virtual Assistant company. However, to no avail.

    I have sent out mailers, advertised in free classified ads and made calls and still have not been able to get a client.

    Is it different in the UK?

    Please advise as your feedback has always been meaningful and helpful.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Lourdes Hernandez
    Your Virtual Connection

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    @ Gopal – Glad you enjoy reading the articles! Re: not having sufficient work, It
    won’t help to accuse others or feel resentful. That will cause a negative downward spiral and make it harder to attract clients. So, first of all, think about
    whether you should change your approach to marketing your business, or look at expanding on the skills that you have. Have a look around this site as I have written alot of information about how to find clients. On the left hand side, under Categories, you’ll find various sections, one of which is ‘How To Get Clients For Your Business’.

    @ Jennifer – I love writing so it’s kind of a hobby as well as an outlet. I just make the time – when you enjoy doing something, it’s not that difficult. I’m not alone – lots of people run businesses and find the time to write articles too! Have a look around this site as I have written alot of information about how to start up a virtual business. On the left hand side, under Categories, you’ll find further information.

    @ Monica – Yes, absolutely, the point is to have enough work to keep it going.
    Again, please have a look around this site – as I’ve written many free articles
    and motivational tips about getting work. As with any business, there is a start-up period where you’re building up your clientele.

    @ Lourdes – Thanks for the welcome back! You’re right, it is an advantage to have your own virtual business, because then you’re not relying on a single employer to pay your income. You build up your business so that you have multiple streams of income. Now, about the marketing strategies you have used so far – I also tried sending mailouts, advertising etc, but didn’t find that I got very good results. So I changed my strategy and started going to face-to-face business networking events – I immediately started getting clients then! Although you’re working in a virtual business, face-to-face networking is a very powerful marketing strategy. You can take the networking principle online and try out social networking on the internet using Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I recently got a new client this way. I know that we are being bombarded with news about the recession from the media. But people still set up new businesses in a recession, and those people need help from Virtual Assistants. So, keep your chin up, change your marketing tactics and start getting those clients in!

  • Sue Dyson says:

    Hi Lisa

    Glad you had a great time and found it okay to be working and on the move. I took a week to visit family oversease and continued to work with a client through that time. I took my laptop cos I wasn’t taking much else and stayed connected through my dongle – very good piece of equipment I must say.

    The hardest bit for me working and being on holiday was making myself switch off from holiday mode back to business women but I did manage it and the client was satisfied – we even had a phone call via skype and my dongle.

    Oh the wonders of modern technology – don’t you just love it!! I know I do!

    Keep up the good hints and tips Lisa its very worthwhile.

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Hi Sue – Yes, I know what you mean about switching from holiday mode to work mode. I found it relatively easy to switch when I was in the UK and Germany, but in Thailand, the weather was more conducive to lying on the beach rather than sweating it out in an internet cafe!

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