Is A Virtual Assistant Business Seasonal?

By February 11, 2008 General One Comment


I had an interesting question over the weekend:

“According to my literature, most industries have one month of the year that is typically the worst. Have you found this in the VA industry? Would you consider your business seasonal?”

I find that things tend to slow down over the Christmas period when people’s attention is usually diverted elsewhere. But that is a good thing in itself because it forces me to slow down as well, take stock and get prepared for the year ahead.

I think many work from home businesses would experience a slowdown at year’s end. So it‘s important to be aware of this, and budget for quieter months over the holiday period.

What experiences have you had with your business?

One Comment

  • Vicky says:

    Actually I haven’t found a slow period yet.Thank goodness. The holidays for me, have brought clients that want quick holiday ads and press releases so I stay busy doing those.

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