Virtual Assistant Business Plan – How To Create One

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Scratching your head about what to put in your Virtual Assistant business plan? Keep putting it off because it seems boring or overwhelming? Well, here’s a YouTube video that might help you!


Do you have any tips or questions about your business plan?


  • Anita James says:

    Hi Lisa

    That was great – I really enjoyed it! You are so right about a business plan. I sat down and compiled a business plan and 3 lists.
    1) Everything to do with setting up/registering and the hosting of my website.
    2)All the hardware/software/medical secondhand dictionaries/BNF/furniture or anything else I would need.
    3)Put aside cash for advertising and printing
    Then I prioritised. The only thing that is outstanding on all lists – business cards!! But I shall be getting those next week.
    Following that I wrote down all my goals and targeted the hospitals and Consultants that I worked for last year. I have had a positive response but I’ve still got to work at it.

    Also, I keep updating my website – the colours as well!!

    I have followed your ebooks to the letter, and they have helped so much and simplified everything that I have not been apprehensive at all about establishing this business.

    Thanks once again.

    Kind regards

    Anita James
    Virtual PA

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    That’s wonderful to hear, Anita. You sound like you’re firing on all cylinders. Not only that, you’re very focused and organised about your business!

  • Donna Gerron says:

    Hi Lisa, I’m just getting started on my business and you are right on with the Business Plan. I was really stressing over what do I put in it? I’ve down loaded a few for examples and they are 30-40 pages long! I’ve gotten a lot of valuable information from your E-Books also, thank you!

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Hi Donna, it’s important to do a business plan, however it shouldn’t become a hurdle or obstacle in your mind. A 30-40 page business plan is overwhelming and unnecessary. By all means, if it grows to that length because you’re continually updating it and for example adding new marketing strategies and plans for the future, then that’s fine. But to try to develop a plan of that length when you’re in the early stages of your business could actually be detrimental to your mindset and progress. Planning is vital, but overanalyzing and making too much of a big deal of it can hinder your success.

    This applies to any project you’re planning. To give you an example: the other day I was developing ideas for a new project. Immediately I felt that I had to do a complicated flowchart, perhaps even on fancy mindmapping software, labouring for hours to get it just right. Then I thought, hang on, I must follow my own advice. So I simply took a piece of paper and drew my flowchart roughly, just for reference, without making a meal of it. At least I had my thoughts on paper and could get on with the actual execution of those tasks with a clearer mind. I’m progressing well, and will formalise that flowchart when I’m good and ready, and when my ideas have crystallised further.

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