“Tough Times Lead Many Into Virtual Work World” – Washington Post Article

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I thought you’d be interested to read this article called “Tough Times Lead Many Into Virtual Work World” by Emma Carew of the Washington Post. It describes a company that used to have onsite employees but has now moved to the Virtual Assistant model, employing 50 offsite contractors, some of whom are Virtual Assistants.

Businesses are really waking up to the cost savings Virtual Assistants can bring them, especially in this economic climate:

“Tough Times Lead Many Into Virtual Work World”

Good news for all of us budding and established Virtual Assistants!

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  • Carol Burns says:

    That is a perfect article. I am new to the VA business and my husband does not believe that a professional would hire someone to work virtually. So this article is perfect to give him to read.


  • Marie says:

    I do believe that more and more people will be working from home. Where I live there are a few sales people, some in phamaceuticals and one in the garment industry. They no longer go to the office first and then to their route. They now do things directly from their home.

    I know Aetna started to have their people work from home who are doing medical billing. I think this will be a trend soon with all insurance companies.

    I am hoping that with my years of experience in an othopaedics office these companies will soon start to hire va’s with experience in that field.

  • Marcia Merriweather says:

    Thank you please continue bringing such great inforamtion!!!


  • Donna says:

    Thank you for the insight, I will be looking into this profession with added interest.

  • Andrea says:

    This is a really good article and it’s nice to know that more companies are becoming comfortable with the idea of outsourcing work. I live in Canada where the virtual assistant industry is really starting to grow.

  • Susan Dagg says:

    My goodness they have woken up and realised that the virtual assistants can be used.

    In the UK the government are now bringing out a new green policy, so that we can get in their by reminding companies that we can lower their carbon foot print especially if they used us.
    If you are a qualified IAVA they will take you on board.
    I have recently used this to my advantage by covering for P.A.`s, while they are on holiday and both were very happy, so much so all the Departments in that company are now using me! They have also discovered by using me they have a tax get out clause, which makes it more viable.
    Ladies be patient as the flood gates will open very soon!

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