Setting Up A Virtual Assistant Business With A Partner

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Here is a great question about setting up a Virtual Assistant business:

“I am very interested in getting started. My associate at work and I were thinking of doing Virtual Assistant as a “team” . Any suggestions on that idea? Has that proven to be successful, or would be better off alone?”

Great question! Most of the Virtual Assistant businesses that I’ve come across are people going it alone. That’s not to say that this is the best way of doing things, it’s just the most common. There are many things to consider if you’re considering setting up a Virtual Assistant business with a partner.

Firstly, think about whether your personalities would work well together. Do both of you communicate well with each other? Are you on the same wavelength? Do both of you have the same vision when it comes to your business? Remember, setting up a business with another person is a bit like going into a marriage!

Do your different skills also complement each other? One of you may be more adept at organizing and planning, whereas the other may be more interested in the technical side of things. This would work out quite well.

You’d also be wise to consult with a lawyer and accountant, so that the legal and financial aspects of a partnership are covered.

Alternatively, you could both decide to set up your businesses separately, but agree to refer work to each other, which would work especially well if you have complementary skills.

Personally, I prefer to run my business as a sole person, and when I have overload, I may subcontract that work out to another VA. I just find it easier and simpler that way.

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  • Debra says:

    I believe a team effort would profit greatly as long as there is a contract between the two. The contract should be detailed to the point of covering any legal issues and aspects from which problems could arise. It is a business and should be dealt as one.

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