Jetlagged In The UK!

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I arrived in the UK on Monday and am now visiting my sister! It’s 10 hours behind Australia (where I live) so inevitably I have jetlag. The best way to overcome jetlag is to go to bed at your usual time, local time. But I’m finding that even if I go to bed early, say around 10pm, I still wake up at 3am. So, what to do at 3am when you’re wide awake?

Get on the computer of course!!! My sister and her husband also work from home running a web and graphic design business. They have 6 computers and guess what, all of them were free at this time of the night! What a surprise!

It was odd sitting there in Wales, logging into a computer while outside was still pitch black. Out of the office window at about 5am, I even caught sight of a milkman delivering bottles of milk to people’s doorsteps. I didn’t know they still had those in the UK and hadn’t seen one for years!

As I said in an earlier post, I intend to stay plugged in during my trip, to test out the travel-work lifestyle. Of course, my trip won’t be as relaxing if I’m working along the way, but I AM traveling for 7 weeks and want to keep supporting clients. I’ve explained to them that I will be working fewer hours during this time period, and have also delegated work to another Virtual Assistant so she can fill in any gaps. All of my clients have been pleased for me that I’m going on this trip! One was understandably concerned that she might not be able to reach me or that I wouldn’t be available to assist her, but I’ve managed to allay any concerns by explaining that another VA is across everything and will also be available.

I’ve just logged into Gotomypc using a web browser and checked email. I can open up Outlook (and any other files and programs) as if I’m sitting in front of my own computer. I can see my desktop exactly how it is at home. It’s amazing.

There is a slight time delay between clicking on a file and actually opening it, but that’s to be expected. The time delay depends on the internet connection on the local PC and my PC at home. The monitor display isn’t quite as clear, but with a bit of fiddling with the local PC’s resolution, it’s actually pretty good.

However, when I was downloading email within Outlook, my anti-virus software window popped up (as it usually does) notifying me that I had a virus attachment and asking me what to do with it. Usually this works fine, but for some reason, with Gotomypc, I was not able to click on that window. It just sat there – I wasn’t able to close it or download further emails.

Luckily, my husband was still at home in Australia and so he could tweak my local PC settings to fix the problem. We’d anticipated that there might be glitches along the way, so he was prepared!

The other thing about using Gotomypc is that your local computer must always be on and connected to the internet. What if you have a power outage or your internet connection goes down and there’s no-one home to fix it? Well, you can’t  access your computer! That’s the disadvantage of using such a service.

Obviously, the alternative is to travel with a laptop – which has the added bonus of being able to take advantage of all the free wi-fi in various cafes. However, I didn’t want to take one as I have enough stuff to lug around!

Anyway, back to that particular morning. In the end I was able to download, check my emails AND get a few hours work in before the household woke up! I was able to check over a report in Word, PDF it and email it back to the client. I also edited some DVD labels and covers using my desktop publishing software and uploaded them to another client’s website. All I had to do was log onto Gotomypc in my web browser, and these files and programs were accessible to me. Great!

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  • Hi Lisa,

    I also managed to get away earlier this year. My husband has worked in various parts of the world for a lot of years and I have never been able to join him anywhere but now, thanks to being a VA, I was able to meet up with him in Dubai twice this year while he was working there. The first time I took a complete break but the second I took my laptop and used to do some work each day while I was at the pool because they had wifi. Isn’t modern technology wonderful.


  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Hi Margaret – yes, modern technology is wonderful and it’s fantastic that you’re able to meet your husband and keep your business ticking over, by choice.

    Regarding taking a laptop along – I’ve had some questions about using Gotomypc and whether you can rely on it solely for traveling. As I said in the post above, when using Gotomypc, your local computer must always be on and connected to the internet. If for some reason you have a power outage or your internet connection goes down, then you won’t be able to access your computer remotely. If there’s no-one at home and you don’t have a trusted friend who can come in and re-connect you to the internet, then you can’t access your computer. I think that taking a laptop is a good idea as back up.

  • Ezra Shua says:

    Hi Lisa,

    That is a pretty good idea. Gotomypc is a good remedy for laptop theft on transits; most especially in hotels and airporst. I have heard severally where people lost their laptops with somuch vital and top secretes document missing. Moreover, one can carry his/her mobile phone to keep intouch with relation incase there is any power outage or network failure on the pc at home. I belive with time improved technology will help us overcome these disavantages pointed out in your experience.

    Thank you.


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