How To Write An Ebook In As Little As 7 Days

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When I hit upon the idea of writing an ebook, I didn’t quite know where to start. I did a bit of research and then came across an ebook about how to write an ebook! I chuckled at the irony and bought it because it contained the following:

~ The fastest and BEST strategy to generate $$$ thousands of dollars in ebook sales (page 92)

~ How to harness the power of your subconscious mind to practically write your ebook on total “auto-pilot” (page 39)

~ 3 *Proven* methods for turning out a highly profitable book in record time… even if you have no idea what to write about (page 65)

~ How to quickly avoid the #1 Mistake authors make that causes them to take months or years to write a book… so you can finish in just a few days (page 63)

I have to admit, it took me alot longer than 7 days to write my ebook because I wanted to do a good job and I had alot to write about. But I still thought the 7 Day Ebook was well worth buying because it gave me alot of tips that I didn’t know about AND motivation to keep going.

You can find out more here:

7 Day Ebook

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  • Lurline Halliman says:

    Hi Lisa, just wondering… when you refer to or link other people’s websites, products, articles, etc., do you have to get permission from the owners/authors to do so? My website should be up and running soon, and I have a blog, and am also thinking of doing a newsletter, but need to know whether or how I may link and reference other people’s work as in the above example and articles you refer to from time to time.

    Looking foreard to your reply.


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