7 Powerful Ways to Get Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business At Little Or No Cost

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The question I get asked most often is:

How do you find clients?

Here’s an article I wrote about this:

“When you’re starting up your Virtual Assistant business, you’ll want to attract clients whilst minimizing the impact on your purse strings. Here are 7 very powerful marketing tips that you can start using immediately to get your business off the ground. They cost either nothing or very little in terms of cash outlay, but do require an investment of your time…”

Read more here:


Which ones have you tried so far? Please comment below!


  • Monica says:

    I read your 7 ways to get clients and I agree with you . They work quite well.

    You can also contact people who will need your services directly because it’s good to get the word spread but you also need to reach those who are in need of your service.
    Also if you have a newsletter to offer you can use the spiral marketing technique of “tell a friend” buttom.

  • Delilah says:

    Actually two of your suggestions I have used, Lisa. One is telling everyone I know about the virtual business I am developing. Sometimes you have to also explain the virtual concept to them in order to fully understand and appreciate what we can do for them as VAs. Also, business cards work well for me too. I am still slowly getting everything in order (which is hurting my business). I am not really aggressively pursuing clients via website, blogs, and other forms of marketing until I feel I have “arrived.”

    But your “7 Ways to Get Clients” article is very helpful indeed. Thank you Lisa!

  • Angela Smith says:

    Lisa, I wanted to compliment you on the article 7 Powerful Ways to Market Your Home- Based Business At Little Or No Cost and comment specifically on

    #6. Volunteering in your local community

    You are one of the few people I have read articles from that recommend this. And I am not sure why, because it REALLY does work. I have grown my business by leaps and bounds using this method AND highly recommend it.

    Could it be that people just don’t want to be associated with recommending volunteerism? I don’t know but kudos to you for saying it out loud. I know that anyone that listens to your message will absolutely thank you for saying it.

    By the way, your book, bonuses and blog are all excellent and I just wanted to say thanks.


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