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Six Figure FreelancerSo, is it possible to earn a 6 figure income with freelance writing? Hmm, I wasn’t really sure when I picked up this ebook. I have certainly heard of copywriters charging up to $10,000 to write a single internet marketing salesletter, so I do know that large fees can be charged if you’re good at what you do. In fact, the ebook references an article published in ‘The Writer’ in September 2007, which discussed how much top freelance writers earn. One was reportedly makingĀ  $260,000 per year.

The demand for writing services is definitely there. Lots of people are looking to outsource their article, ebook and website copywriting. While it’s probably unlikely one could earn as much as $260,000 per year, I’m sure one could make a decent living from it, working from home.

So, how does this ebook help you become a successful 6 figure freelance writer? Well, first of all it’s written by David Drake, who got into freelance writing after being made bankrupt. Desperate, and with no cash to speak of, he heard that you could make money by bidding for writing projects on freelance sites. He was soon making very good money online.

The book is pretty thorough and shows you how to bid for work on freelance sites (with tips for each step of the process, such as what to do when your bid is accepted), what pitfalls to avoid, how to price individual jobs, how to market yourself using Ezine Articles, what to put on your website, how to set up a portfolio, how to get clients visiting your website, and the secrets to reaching the lucrative six figure income – Hint: you have to look beyond the freelance sites and go where the money is, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise!

Six Figure Freelancer gives you some very good strategies for establishing a reputation and landing the big-paying jobs. I especially like the section at the end of the ebook which shows you how to set up multiple streams of income by producing writing content once and getting paid over and over again for it.

I think the ebook could have been more thorough about how to price your services. But apart from that, it’s not a superficial book by any means, and goes into alot of depth, especially when it comes to how to market your freelance writing business. And that’s the most important thing – I should know, because without knowing how to market my business, I wouldn’t be in business!

Check out the ebook here:

Six Figure Freelancer


  • Delita says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Would you or have you purchased this book? I trust your opinion.

  • Lisa Taliga says:

    Hi Delita,

    Yes, I’ve purchased the book and would do so again. It’s thorough and gives you the belief that you can do it. It doesn’t pretend that you’re going to write a few articles and become a millionaire overnight. It’s not hypey at all. It’s real, solid information. It’s a great complement to my VA Toolkit / Ebook, if you’re a Virtual Assistant looking to specialize in copywriting.

  • Caryn Kelly says:

    I am very intrigued by this ebook (just by your synopsis of it, Lisa!) and plan to purchase it. Since I do want to do some freelance writing as part of my “second” career, this will probably be an invaluable resource and help me along the way, especially when I start writing my own blog and build my own web site(s). I will get back to you with a “review” once I’ve read it.

  • Caryn F Kelly says:

    I purchased the book and read it from cover to cover. I think it is very thorough and important for people who want to become freelancers and make a good living at it. It doesn’t purport to guarantee millions overnight. It gives the nitty gritty and makes you understand that you have to put some effort into it in order to reap the rewards. I especially liked the section on the art of bidding since I didn’t know how to bid having no rating at all. Now, at least I am able to craft some type of personalized bid that may get results. I feel confident that I can follow his instruction in this informative and detailed book and become a freelancer myself, but I know it won’t happen overnight. I would highly recommend this book to any aspring freelancer.

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