Do You Need Training To Become A Virtual Assistant?

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I often get asked what courses you can go on to become a Virtual Assistant and which ones I would recommend.

This depends on your current skillset. You need to be pretty computer literate to be a Virtual Assistant. If you need to improve your general computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office, as a first step I’d recommend going on a software training course or teaching yourself by using resources on the internet.

If you’re already have good software skills and are comfortable with computers, structured VA training programs are available that help you actually set up your business. They’ll cover things like how to set up your website, what services to offer, rates to charge, how to quote, how to deal with clients, how to find your niche and how to market your business.

They also give ongoing feedback and support during the program so you can ask questions and keep motivated as you go along.

If you’re interested in a VA Training Program I can highly recommend the one run by Kathie Thomas. I’ll be straight with you and say I haven’t been on it myself, because I didn’t feel the need to when I was setting up my business. I’m not saying this to brag or anything, I just had good computer skills, practical experience and a good sense of setting up a business and what I wanted to do.

But if I was setting up a VA business today and wanted to go on a Training Program, I would go on Kathie’s because she was one of the founders of the VA industry and has 13 years of experience in the field.

It’s a 10 week program which includes weekly email lessons with homework, live online sessions with an opportunity to ask questions, and unlimited email support. You also get lifelong access to a support forum.

Kathie is also offering a special deal for Christmas, so you can get started in time for the New Year.

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  • Verna Assauw says:

    Hi Kathie

    I am very interested in signing up for your course recommended by Lisa Taliga. However, I do think that I need to scrub up on my computer skills before I do (as suggested by Lisa) but I do not want to miss out on the offer of your discounted fees. As such, I have some questions.

    1) Can you recommend where I should go to improve my skills on spreadsheets, database management, powerpoint presentations and desktop publishing (short courses)?

    2) Do you require payment now so that I can commence training with you as soon as I feel ready?

    3) Do you have set dates for tutorials?

    When responding, please include your telephone contact details.

  • Thanks Lisa for telling people about my VA course. And thank you Verna for asking questions so I could respond here.

    With respect to improving your skills, check local colleges for short-term courses that you can go to. That way you can ask questions and see things in action. I’m sure there are online courses you can take as well but I only know local college courses from past experience.

    Payment isn’t due till you’re ready to start the course and if you have suitable skills to get started now then please do come over to the site and sign up (Lisa’s link will lead to it). The offer is on till Christmas so you have a few weeks to take that up yet.

    I don’t have dates for tutorials. The course is paced by those doing it. i.e. they receive the weekly lessons once they have signed up and then there are online sessions where you can come have a chat with me, and any other course students at the time, on a fortnightly, or two weekly basis. I’m also always available via email for students to ask questions anytime. Once you’ve completed the final lesson and got your homework back to me, I can then go through it, mark it and send you a certificate of completion, along with a full print copy of the course and your homework – so, if you don’t get to complete it till some weeks after the last lesson arrives, that is fine.

    Hope this helps!

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