Can You Run A Virtual Business From Thailand?

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Well, it looks like you can certainly run a virtual business from Thailand. Most of the internet cafes have high-speed internet. You can rent houses by the month which also have high-speed internet – and the rental is pretty cheap. If you’re billing clients in US Dollars, Australian Dollars or any other ‘Western’ currency while spending Thai baht…. well, that’s even better!

Air conditioning is a must though! Average temperatures around this time of the year are in the 30s and it can be humid. I’m on an island called Koh Samui right now, so at least there’s a sea breeze, but generally this kind of weather is not conducive to productive work if you don’t have air con!

It’s been working really well with covering clients while I’m away. My VA colleague has been seamlessly providing assistance where I was not available. There was a lot of pre-trip preparation and handover though so that really helped smooth the process.

It’s nearing the end of my trip so I’m reducing my number of client hours substantially so I can relax and truly smell the roses before returning home. Having a superb trip. I will be glad to get home though and back to my home comforts and familiar routine!

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